Telltale Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repair

In most cases, it is easy to tell if your air conditioning is not working properly because the signs are evident or it may stop working altogether. However, there are some telltale signs that may not be obvious but may mean your AC is in trouble. Knowing these signs in advance can give you an upper hand whether you are a DIY professional or you need to call an HVAC expert.

The AC is Not Generating Cold Air

The AC system is designed to cool your home and if it is not doing so, then it means there is a problem. When you are in the middle of summer and you start noticing the rising heat and humidity in your home, you should immediately get in touch with your local AC repair company or HVAC technician so that it can be checked.

Your Cooling Bills are Skyrocketing

Your air conditioning unit may be working just fine, but your utility bills may be telling a different story. This is especially the case if you skip an AC tune-up in spring and head direct into summer.

Inefficient AC systems tend to run harder for longer and this not only damages the components within the system but also eats on your energy costs. Ensure your system is checked regularly so that its operations can be smooth and less tasking to your energy meter.

Strange Sounds from Your AC Unit

Most AC units are relatively quiet when in operation. This means any strange noise you hear including clanging, banging, and squeaking could be pointing out to something amiss in the system. For instance, screeching sounds are occasionally caused by fan and motor belts that are running on wrong surfaces. On the other hand, metal on metal scraping sounds could be caused by some substances interfering with the fan.

If these sounds are not attended to in good time, they may cause major repairs down the road or even a total replacement of the system.

Moisture in Your Ductwork

Your AC unit is designed to handle a certain degree of moisture. In no instance should you have moisture within your ductwork. In case you see this development, it could be an indication of a number of problems. Condensation from a nearby pipe or leaked AC coolant could be behind this. To be on the safe side, you should get in touch with your AC technicians.

Foul Smells Coming from Your System

There are various smells your AC can emit and these may point to different problems. For instance, a foul metallic smell could be an indication that the wire insulation of your AC is burning. Musty smells may indicate the growing of mold either in your ductwork or AC system. Other causes could be clogged condensate in the drain pans which gets contaminated with dirt and grime particles.

To prevent the above problems, you should ensure that your AC unit is checked at least once at the beginning of spring before the summer season begins. AC experts usually come with checklists which they go through as they inspect your unit to ensure no component or chamber is forgotten.