Ac Repair doralSouth Florida has lots of advantages over many other spots around the world. The proximity to the ocean, the mild weather all year round and the thriving culture in Doral makes everyone want to work and live here. As a result, many people have been coming over to settle down and call Doral home.

At AC Repair Doral FL, we know the reasons why you chose Doral as the place where you and your family will live. Coincidentally, those are the same reasons that made us come to Doral. We therefore understand the special requirements customers here have concerning air conditioning repair. The heat, hurricanes, humidity, and all other environmental threats are experiences we factored in while designing our AC repair solutions.

AC repair problems vary from one customer to the other and as such we cannot lump all AC issues and come up with a blanket approach. We treat our customers in a unique and individualized manner because this is what is right.

The Types of Air Conditioning Repair We Do

Our technicians are trained with the highest quality equipment and latest techniques as well as in customer service. Whenever they come to your home to repair your AC system, we wouldn’t want you to call back with complaints but rather complements. This is why we endeavor to do a complete job.

We clean dirty and dusty coils so that your AC system can cool air efficiently. Dirty coils tend to clog the surface and this reduces the efficiency of your system. With the right tools and cleaning materials, we leave no stone unturned.

The refrigerant of your AC system could also be having an issue and this can affect the performance of the unit. Because we are EPA certified to handle every type of refrigerant, we shall check the level of refrigerant in your system and advice you whether we need to add.

Dirty filters have been one of the common causes of AC system failure in many homes in Doral. Because you may not have the necessary skills, we do not advise you to go ahead and open up your AC system to carry out a diagnosis. Contact us and we will come and do a comprehensive test and if your filters are found to be clogged, we shall remove them and replace them with new ones.

When your system starts behaving in unusual manner such as producing noises that signify something wrong inside, emitting foul odors, or showing visible signs of leakage, don’t keep your mouth shut rather give us a call.

Maintenance Service Plans

It is our desire that you remain covered all year round. Having frequent breakdowns is not the joy of any homeowner that is why we have come up with customizable service plans that ensure your system is regularly checked by our professionals. This means any budding problem can be nipped at the right time.