Boosting the Cooling Efficiency of Your HVAC Equipment

Many homeowners experience skyrocketing bills during summer time. This is because their air conditioning units run full time to try and put the heat waves under control. To ensure that your system is efficient throughout this season, the following tips will go a long way.

Clear the Area around Your AC

Debris and dirt tend to accumulate around your AC unit. If this is not checked, some of the dirt may get into your system and clog it. To ensure this doesn’t happen, inspect the area around the outdoor component of your AC and remove all the debris. Twigs and overhanging branches should also be pruned to give you a clear space.

Unblock Indoor Vents

Your indoor vents play a critical role in the overall functionality of your system. When these vents are blocked, they interfere with the flow of air. When you regularly vacuum the vents, dust which would have otherwise gotten into the system is prevented thus steadying the flow of air.

Adjusting Your Thermostat

Increases or decreases in your thermostat setting by anything between 5 and 8 degrees can make a huge difference in power consumption.

With this temperature change, your system doesn’t work as hard to achieve drops and spikes in temperature. This will guarantee you a long service for your system and reduce the frequency of repairs.

Keep Appliances Away from the Thermostat

The thermostat is a very sensitive device that easily gets disrupted when exposed to heat emitting appliances. Equipment such as lamps should be kept far away from thermostats. This will prevent your AC unit from working extra hard to cool your home. Ultimately, this saves on energy.

Close Curtains and Blinds

During the hottest part of the day, the heat that comes in can raise your indoor temperature. This not only puts your air conditioning unit to the task, but it also erodes the gains you may have made in air cooling. The blinds and curtains will help you in filtering the sun rays so that only light, but not heat access your indoor environment.

Avoid Dryer or Oven in the Hottest Hours

When the temperature is at its peak during the day, dryers and ovens can push it over the bar thus tasking your air conditioning unit more. Constant pressure from this combination can easily wear out your system resulting to inefficient cooling indoors.

Last but not least, ensure the ductwork is well insulated and that no leaks are present on its surface. Preventing leakages is important because all the conditioned air is retained and no cooling energy is wasted.